Supporting you to grow successful teams

I had the privilege to work with the fun team of Code Barrel (now part of Atlassian) to research and design a solution for team leaders to become more confident and successful.

The role I took was of design strategist and worked together with the project manager towards an MVP. Basically, all things design, including the funky chicken above a few wacky illustrations that were a lot of fun to explore and play with. Blame me as well for all things brand, including the product's personality and it's final name.

The project started with a review of the team's previous insights, ideas, and explorations. Following by ethnographic research, definition of value proposition, and design explorations. Until we reached the needs and initial solutions that became our Minimal Valuable Product.


Process and methodology to be updated. If you can't wait until I have time to update this page, please get in touch through e.g. LinkedIn


Here's a screenshot of one of the most interesting views that resulted from the intense research process, but I would need to tell you more to put this in context ;)

Design explorations

Be prepared to rub your eyeballs!

Testing the extremes. We explored very different visual styles and branding identity. I promise to add more as soon as I have time.

A little brave and very chick initial exploration...

You can check out an initial demo of the brand positioning in the landing page.

Landing page WIP design & prototype
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