Hello curious human!

I'm Brenda, welcome!

digital products

design & strategy
UX | Ix | UI

If you're an animal lover or just care about nature and wildlife like I do, share your love with a bit of fashion or through some mindful colouring.

colouring pages to save wildlife fashion for wildlife

I help teams develop solutions that are both meaningful and delightful through creative problem-solving.

My work takes a human-first approach: investigating behaviour and needs as deeply as possible through empathetic research. I use those findings to discover the real problems and lead solutions that help people interact with products that improve their work or personal lives.

To design successful products, I also engage with stakeholders and support my team to keep always improving by accepting and understanding failures, good communication, and constant improvement.

I enjoy working on projects from research and ideation all the way to production and love working close to developers and mentoring fresher designers.

I am lucky to carry many years of experience designing digital products and services across four countries, in a variety of organisations from gov and large scale like Atlassian and Nokia, to start-up and not-for-profit. But there is still so much to learn and many experiences to live. So I'm always open for collaboration with new people and teams (as time permits) to share knowledge, ideas, experiences, and together design a better world. So please reach out and let's improve something!

If you need design and strategy for your product or great idea,
or if you just want to chat about ethical design, sustainability or mindful eating...

Here I am!

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