Hello curious human!

I'm Brenda, welcome!

UX | UI | Ix


As a creative problem solver I help teams develop solutions that are both beautiful and meaningful. I base my work on people: first of all, getting to know as deeply as possible the needs and emotions of those interacting with the solutions I help creating; as important though, is understanding and constantly sharing knowledge and ideas with all levels of stakeholders.

Working from research and ideation all the way to production, I enjoy learning with an eye for detail about the problems to solve and opportunities to explore, prototyping from paper to high-fi demos or building html/css websites and messing up with the looks of a UI directly on code.

I'm happy to share my experience from over 12 years designing digital products and services across four countries, in a variety of organisations from large scale like Nokia, to start-up and not-for-profit.

Does your product or great idea need design love?
Or do you want to chat about ethical design, sustainability or mindful eating?

Here I am!

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