The Daybreak Program

Supporting alcohol behaviour change through design and technology

I was hired in early 2016 to help Hello Sunday Morning, a not-for-profit organisation, to lead Design and help them create the best online program to support people change their relationship with alcohol, using the latest on behaviour change methods.

My main task would be to help the team move from an MVP to a high-quality and scalable product.

Due to limited resources I took over the complete design process: Gathering learnings from the MVP, previous platform and other solutions; generating constant user research; translating qualitative and quantitative data into feature planning together with the rest of the small team, plus creating all of the product brand and UI assets.

Personal tasks and deliverables at Hello Sunday Morning...

  • Designed Daybreak identity:
    Logo, color palette, illustrations, and other visual assets.

  • UX research:
    Planned and executed interviews, surveys, user testing and other qualitative data gathering processes.

  • UX > IxD:
    Translated qualitative and quantitative insights into concrete implementation outcomes.

  • UI design:
    Designed the complete UI, from sketches and prototypes until product specs.

  • Website design:
    Supervised the graphic design of the Hello Sunday Morning website. Designed the Daybreak landing page along with SEO and marketing team

  • UX testing:
    Some QA work (manual only) to ensure the quality of releases.

  • Product management:
    Managed the Daybreak product development for its three clients (Android, iOS, Web-browser) during 2018. I also managed the complete development of the web-browser version, from scratch to public launch, executed with external developers.

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