Fylo chatbot

Supporting family and friends of people with AUD

As a personal initiative while at Hello Sunday Morning, I created a chat-bot MVP to support family and friends of people with alcohol use disorder and to guide them towards effective ways to help their loved once get ready to change.

design process

My tasks in this project included:

  • Mentoring junior designers on UX research and interaction design, guiding them through user research, understanding the problem and opportunities, brainstorming, prototype creation, preparing and presenting design deliverables.

  • Searching for opportunities and organising collaboration, eg. hackathons.

  • Managing more experienced designers and developers at hackathons to generate a MVP.

  • Copy-writing the initial chatbot conversations to get them reviewed, iterated, and validated by a mental health professional.

  • Designing and implementing the final MVP through facebook messenger and chatfuel.

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